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IMAG Sintra

IMAG Sintra

The IMAG Sintra Centre, located at the Central Clinic of Sintra (CCS), employs a team of medical specialists.

This Centre is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic technologies, for accurate results. It offers a wide range of heart tests, namely electrocardiogram (ECG), ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), echocardiogram, Doppler ultrasonography, cardiac stress tests and 24-hour Holter monitoring. Our specialists perform interventional cardiology procedures, namely coronary angioplasty, for which purpose a partnership has been established with the CUF Hospital.

The Centre has recently expanded its services to include Imaging techniques, namely X-Ray and General Ultrasonography.

address, contacts and directions
Address: Largo Afonso de Alburquerque, nº3
2710-519 Sintra
GPS: 38.8015976 -9.3828335
Telephone: 800 224 624
E-mail: geral@imag.pt ou marcacoes@imag.pt
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 8 AM – 7 PM
Public Transport: Urbana – 433 /SCOTT URB - 403, 417, 418, 467
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